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raincloud and rain $29

as featured on the front page of etsy

change the weather to suit your mood; the raindrops are surrprisingly expressive in various arrangements (as pictured)

set of 7 magnets: 1 raincloud, 6 raindrops

cloud is made with vintage wallpaper which catches the light, raindrops from a vintage atlas

this set goes well with: rainbow, plane & banner, tree community

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raincloud illustration
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restickable wallscapes
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magnetic wallscapes

customised name sets (with characters)

a popular new baby or birthday gift, totally customised name or word sets are made exactly to your choices;

choose upper/lower case letters, or mix of bothcome with your choice of character (i.e. owl)comes with your choice of extras (i.e. leaves)choose colours/pattern themes to suit a room

letters are approx 50-70mm tall

these are handmade with real fabrics, vintage wallpapers and buttons, with restickable backings

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