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Tinch is reopening after maternity leave in May 2014. Want to be notified or get in the order queue for when we reopen? > Email your order enquiry now! In the meantime, you can shop with our stockists!NEW RESTICKABLE PRODUCT!! This is super exciting, introducing the 'tinches' restickable wall ruler height chart! An interactive, contemporary installation for recording the growth milestones of all the family > $89 order now!Introducing our latest 'Native' design, the Kereru bird (Native NZ Wood Pigeon). Recently featured in Your Home & Garden Magazine! now available in the shop for $45 delivered to anywhere in the world!Have you visited our stockists ? They're dotted around the country and online too - pay them a visit!the tinch newsletter is sent every few months! tinch news 07 is out now, signup under the owl to get the next installmentMost of our news is shared first on Facebook, so become a fan to know all tinchy things first!

coming soon...we'll be at the Dunedin Baby & Child Show, September 22nd 2013 - if you're around that day we'd love to see you!we're looking forward to releasing new restickable designs in September 2013, watch this space! get in touch if you want to make a suggestion as to what comes next!

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fan mail


1.Kieren Streifler

the alphabet's are colourful

the Heart's she makes are lovable

Tinch will brighten every room

And the magnets make them Adjustable

2.Karen Ric-Hansen

An Alphabet full of colour, pattern, and spark can only be a Tinch too perfect!

3.Kelly (2nd prize)

A white room just isn't a right room without a tinch of colour!

4.Vicky Marshall

My photo's will soon be tinch'd on my magnetic wall, my colours will revolve around greens and browns and perhaps just a tinch of red. However, if I am lucky enough to win a magnetic alphabet soup set, I am off to buy a tinch more magnetic paint and blast my daughter's bedroom wall with colour!

5.Anita Murrell

My little boy Bryn

Would love me to win

colourful letters

coz what could be better

than Tinching up words and spellin'?


The Magnetic birds and owls need a tinch more company and what better than a Colourful array of soupy letters to talk too!

7.Little Liz

All you need is a tinch of colour for hours of fun, the perfect gift for young & old !

8.Kerry Mewett

If you need a bit of colour in your life, visit Helen at Tinch for gorgeous 'tinchy colour'


The girls' rooms have a tinch of Tinch to make it feel more homely but I'm sure they would love the alphabet soup to add more colour to their wall.

10.M Norman

The only thing comparable to a tinch of colour is a child's smile, it lights up the room!

11.Sarah T

I wish I were a tinch more creative when thinking up a sentence with the word 'colour' in it ;)

12.Anneke Higgins

Just a TINCH of COLOUR keeps the Doctor away! LOVE your work Helen : ) Just read your Tinch Story... Love it! Am in LOVE with your Studio too!

13.Karey Webber

Rooms can look duller without a tinch of colour, and what could be better than many a letter.


My little girl deserves Tinch to help her learn her alphabet, and about colour - your gorgeous designs would brighten both her room and her mind! What more could a little girl and a Mum ask for!

15.Kim Young

Hearts are red

Owls are blue

with a tinch of colour

you will learn your alphabet too!

16.Rachael Brown

I'll have a whole "tinch" more of your creative use of colour and design - brightens my wee world anyday!

17.Anna C

I love tinch designs on my prefabricated office wall. Working with children means lovely colours are appreciated by many visitors!


Creating walls with colour is a cinch, head on over and check out Tinch.

19.Janell Dawson

Are you feeling sad and blue? Add a TINCH of colour to your walls now!


Colour my world every tinch way

21.Sara Aymes

imagine the world without a tinch of colour! depressing wouldnt it be.... on this website you can see all the lovely colours avaliable to you and me. go tinch your products are exceptional..


These are very funky and very vibrant colour wise and have been tinch to perfection .... love there they are stunning and amazing ........


You know you need a tinch more colour in your life! You'll find it at

24.Liz Milner

Feeling blue? Need a pick me up? Maybe a tinch more colour in your life is what you need


tinch my world with colour!


the world was very black and white

with no shades of grey

til Helen came and 'tinch'ed it

and coloured it her way!

27.Ashlee ONeill

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z, Alphabet Soup, A TINCH Full Of Colour

28.Amy Ross

A tinch of this and a tinch of that gives you the perfect colour combination for an alphabet soup


My world was a tinch grey, until I discovered Helen's wallscapes to colour my day!

30.Susan Domett (3rd prize)

Her walls are white and bare

Oh what could I put there.

No colour to be seen

Creative I've not been.

My girl is soon off to school

The alphabet would be cool.

A little tinch up will delight,

Emily's smile will be bright!

31.Nardia Cooper

Potatoes are white, Sausages Grey

I need a tinch more colour to cook every day!


The alphabet soup would add more than a tinch of colour to my fridge!


My wall is bare and my child's a grinch, pretty please, would you colour me Tinch!


For best results combine a dash of colour, a tinch of glue, a smidgen of magnetism and a smattering of small children.


With a little pinch of tinch one has a tinch of amazing colour!


A Tinch of color can bring me a lot of smiles.

37.Tina Bothma

Just a wee tinch of colour helps the learning go the most delightful way :o) (sung somewhat tunefully to the spoonful of medicine tune!


Its been a dreary day in the land of the great white cloud, my only wish is there was a tinch more colour in my life - oh wait there could be if only I won a magnetic alphabet soup set then every day would be a tinch more colouful and all the better for it.

39.Danielle Graham

Tinch is a pinch of something so great,

Gotta get in before it finishes at eight, :-p

Alphabet colours would make a good learning tool,

so my girl can do the best at school.

40.Warren Crabtree

(1st prize)

Colour and design,

and all things sublime.

That's what a tinch is made of.


You colour our world tinch,

Rhyming this should be a synch,

I'd like a taste of Alphabet soup,

To help our large troupe!

42.Debbie-Lee Sorensen

A tinch of love, a tinch of joy, a tinch of colour and everything is a-ok with the world. X

43.Toni Hill

A tinch of this and a tinch of that and you wil come out with a colourful stew!

44.Marsha Bennett

Lately I've felt like such a grinch - I think that I need just a tinch of colour, style, to make me smile!

45.Jo Coles

Just a Tinch-ful of colour

when you decorate your room.

In the most delightful way!

46.Theresa DSouza

I don't want animal crackers in my soup - just strikingly gorgeous alphabets with a big tinch of colour!

47.Kim Gregory

I love colour and I love tinch, so that fabulous prize i'm sure I will clinch.

48.Kirsty Ren

Our current alphabet is pretty bland, and keeps falling off the fridge with its crappy $2 magnets. The beautiful Tinch Alphabet would bring a lovely tinch of colour to our new house. I'm not creative or poetic, so my entry is terrible, but I'm a huge fan of Tinch and would love to have alphabets to go along with my frabulous tinchy lovebirds. Pick me!

49.Diana W

T o lighten up a room

I n creative ways

N ever-ending displays

C linches the moment

H elen you are the woman - very tinchy!

C ome, decorate my house

O ver the rainbow colour a must

L ost in the clouds

O r making alphabet soup for tea

U sing vintage materials

R eusable colours you choose: Polka Dots or Dr Suess.

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