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christmassy wallscape COMING SOONThis 56-piece wallscape is a contemporary, two-dimensional approach to traditional Christmas decorations; designed to be space-saving, interactive, timeless & non-hemisphere specific!ideal for small living areas, those who love a little festive decor without a full-blown tinsel-fest around the home or office, or the travelling family at Christmas - take your tree with you!This is designed to form at least two beautiful Christmas-esque arrangements, but we're adamant you'll find others!In the tree formation, its size is approx 665x500mm, as a wreath could measure approx 580x580mmkeep them fluff and dust free while you store them away with your other Christmas decor so you can use them year to yearThe best aspect!? Take away the snowflake and candy cane motifs and you've got yourself a collection beautiful of non-christmassy decals to arrange as you please year-round!


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