Each set is an original, handmade, sculptural art piece - you interpret and install the pieces how you like.

You'll receive a beautiful, restickable set of 3-dimensional botanical 'bits'.

They're handmade from a selection of mixed textiles, all carefully handcrafted to come alive on your wall or window as a botanical installation.

Many of the pieces have a centre-line, much like real leaves. This is indicated by original stitching. Peel the backing away up to the stitch line, and fold it back to create the 3rd dimension, then stick the adhesive part directly to the wall.

Because of their 3-dimensionality, they come to life casting shadows, as the light hits the leaves. They literally pop out from the wall, though they're stuck directly to the surface.

Addictively fun creating plant-y type wall sculptures... they could be hanging dangly type plants or try a beautiful wreath!

A standard set contains around 24 pieces. To make a small wreath like the one pictured first, you'll need around this many. 
Choose your size: The larger the set size, the more diverse your leaf shapes will be, and of course you'll receive more pieces.

Each set is different, just like real plants.

You'll get a random mix of leaf shapes and colours similar to the images. Generally made with various green fabrics, (for interior greenery effect without the guilt having to keep real plants alive), your set will most likely have one or two accent colours of botanical-esque hues. Sometimes burnt reds, pinks like flowers, blues & greys perhaps, or soft golds, and for whimsey there might be the occasional spotty pattern in the mix.

If you have a particular preference, you're welcome to make special requests for your pack i.e. 'plain colours only', 'no spotty fabrics', 'pink accents are ok', or 'some gold pieces please' etc.

Botanical bits [R]

Choose pack type
Choose size
    • Removeable and restickable instant self-adhesive art!
    • Peel and stick on non-porous interior surfaces; painted walls, doors, mirrors, furniture.
    • Handmade with real fabric and textiles (unlike the rest of the Tinch restickable range which is printed)
    • Kept clean & dust-free, technically they'll never loose their stick unless they get fluffy or dusty.
    • They won't damage surfaces when they're removed
    • Please note colours on your screen may appear slightly differently to the actual product.

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