For when you have a group of special people to thank, or farewell, celebrate, or wish-well. A box full of an assortment of little Tinch gifts is the perfect way to show your appreciation for everyone in a thoughtful, creative and lasting way! An ideal end-of-year gift for a group of teachers, or colleagues.

Choose your value, and you can customise it to suit.


An example of what your hamper might include:

  • The ever-popular single feather magnets [usually $5 ea]
  • Sets of mini feather magnets [usually $12 ea]
  • Magnetic bookmarks (everyone loves these!) [$5 mini or $8 large ea]
  • Little sets of heart magnets [$5-$10 ea]
  • Little packs of 10 arrow magnets [usually $6ea]
  • Restickable laptop dots [usually $19 ea]
  • Plus every gift hamper box comes with a complimentary card to write your own message in [valued at $5]

    This is the best-value way to purchase several small Tinch gifts, prices work out cheaper than buying the individual items!
  • Pictured set is an example of a $59 hamper. Suitable for 6-9 recipients.


You can personalise your box by requesting "thank you", "goodbye", "thinking of you", "Ka Kite", or any other short statement. This will be handwritten by us directly onto the box for you, if you wish.

Depending on who you're gifting it to, you may want more feminine colours & gifts, or more neutral & masculine. Just say!


Your hamper will arrive with all items included flat within a white gift box, with gift-wrap detailing around the edge, and tissue paper to be used for display.

When it arrives, open it up, loosely scrunch the tissue and pop it in the box then arrange your goodies on display, (perhaps throw some chocolates in there too!?) write your card, and you're ready to gift it!


Gift hamper!

Choose hamper value

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