Like our fridge magnet bunting, but even more teeny tiny! The perfect size for a steel letterbox! Super cheap and cheerful entrance to your house!

(You can of course use these on the fridge, filing cabinet, dishwasher, car or anywhere else)

Set of 7 rainbow coloured bunting flag magnets, in a surprise mix of patterns in the ROYGBIV spectrum. Possibly the perfect gift for the happy-go-lucky person who has everything!

MEASUREMENTS: each 'flag' approx 3cm tall
* See also our fridge bunting magnets, also ideal size for the car door! *

Letterbox bunting [M]

  • Don't worry about these in the weather. Over the years they'll fade a little, just like any fabric exposed to the elements, but there's no need to clean or fuss over them. Just leave them there, and they'll cause a smile overtime the postie passes. All magnetic wallscapes are made with upcycled textiles - mainly offcuts of vintage wallpapers and fabrics. This means the magnetic decals have a very special tactile and textured quality, and they're guaranteed to be limited edition. Some of the patterns for your set might be slightly different to the ones pictured, but still in just as delightful!

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