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Together at Christmas

All under the same roof.


Picture frame magnetic ornament

Holds photos of loved ones

Together, near and far

Under the same roof.


The concept is simple; a sweet visual way to bring beloved family and friends together under one roof at Christmas.

This decoration is a double-sided handmade magnetic picture frame in the shape of a house.

Open the two layers from the top of the roof, to insert up to two photos or drawings, facing outwards.

Close the magnetic layers and the photos become framed and held safely within the walls of the house shape.

Hang on the tree amongst your other treasured ornaments. Each year you can change the photos or keep the 2021 photo in place to remind you of this strange place in time.

First inspired after the global pandemic that began in 2020, this simple ornament speaks of a time the world became separated and distanced, and loved ones left far apart. Special occassions celebrated from a distance and we learned new ways to be together, apart.

Handmade with love by Tinch Design.

Together at Christmas - Magnetic picture frame ornament

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