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Cards, cards, cards!

Tinch now does greeting cards! They feature photographic reproductions of original, handmade tinch designs.

Blank inside, for your heartfelt message, and suitable for lots of occasions.

The best bit? They're sized perfectly to fit some of our smaller gift sets inside FLAT! That is, you can send a card with a little 'something extra' slipped inside, so it's not just a card, its a gift. Keeps postage costs down, especially when sending overseas or travelling.

The perfect in-card gifts are: mini bunting magnets, mini icecreams, single feathers, heart sets, lucky dip heart magnets, or lucky dip restickable hearts

There's 6 designs to choose from, but I'm already working on new options.

Want to suggest which designs feature next on the cards? Get in touch! Choose from:

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