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Magnetic Walls!

Tinch magnets aren't just for the fridge (or dishwasher, or filing cabinet or car door!) They're designed especially to work with leading NZ paint manufacturer Resene's 'Magnetic Magic' Paint.

Create an interactive magnetic area from any ordinary surface using Resene's Magnetic Paint.
In our home and studio we have multiple interactive walls, we can't recommend the paint highly enough, it makes a super cool feature in a kids room, office wall, kitchen space and even classroom & retail settings. 

Here you'll find some info and inspiration to get your own magnetic wall started...
Step by Step: Paint a magnetic wall
1. Mark out your magnetic area with masking tape & prepare wall for painting
2. Paint 2x coats Resene Magnetic Magic according to the instructions on the tin. From experience, we recommend using a really small roller for the best, smooth coverage. The paint is a dark grey colour, and goes on quite thick. Each coat gets a little slower to apply as the magnetic ions start to work their magic!
3. Top coat with any colour! If you use the same colour as the wall, the magnetic area becomes disguised and appears to work like 'magic'! Or create a bold feature with contrasting colour like we've done with this interactive magnetic & whiteboard house in our daughter's room.
4. For another layer of interaction. You could choose to top coat with Resene's whiteboard paint like we have (ontop of the colour layer), or try chalkboard paint.  The whiteboard paint applies clear, like a resin, and works a treat!!
5. Add your tinch magnetic wallscapes and watch the kids enjoy their new interactive wall!

> Questions? Feel free to get in touch

Magnetic wall ideas & gallery
Images of some of the magnetic walls & areas we've made!  
Not just for walls of course, some other ideas that make great magnetic surfaces:
- Doors! The wardrobe, kitchen cupboard or kids bedroom doors are popular
- paint over an old framed picture for a framed magnetic board
- a large panel of MDF, stretched canvas or even pegboard for a large scale, easy- to-hang-and-take-with-you-if-you-move option

Send your images in too, we'd love to share them here to inspire others.
>  Email your magnetic wall photos!
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