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Back for a limited time only! This has been a top seller since 2013 and we're excited to be making more for Christmas 2020. Don't miss out, strictly limited numbers are being made. 
Comes in a sturdy mailing tube, makes a lovely gift.


This 'Christmassy wallscape' is a contemporary, two-dimensional approach to traditional Christmas decorations; designed to be space-saving, interactive, timeless & non-hemisphere specific!
Beautiful and always well admired in the home, holiday house, or in the office at work.

This set includes 56 separate restickable fabric decals, to stick up in any arrangement you like:
1 bird, 2 hearts (bird tailfeathers), 4 large baubles, 6 medium baubles, 20 small baubles, 10 leaves, 8 hearts, 3 candy canes, 1 trunk, 1 heart-motif snowflake

In the tree formation, its size is approx 665x500mm
As a wreath could measure approx 580x580mm
It's like a puzzle for the wall, assembling the pieces to form a beautiful festive wall feature.

Ideal for small living areas, those who love a little festive decor without the full-blown tinsel-fest that takes over the home or office, or the traveling family at Christmas - take your tree with you!

This is designed to form at least two beautiful Christmas-esque arrangements, but we're adamant you'll find others!

Suitable to stick to any interior surface: painted walls, wallpaper, furniture or glass.
Keep them fluff and dust free while you store them away with your other Christmas decor so you can use them year to year

The best aspect!? Take away the snowflake and candy cane motifs and you've got yourself a collection beautiful of non-christmassy decals to arrange as you please year-round!
Create a large heart made from just the baubles, or make motifs from the leaves. Even the hearts create sweet flower-like arrangements in groups of six...

Effective on a light or dark walls, also striking on windows.

Christmassy Wallscape [R]

    • the shapes are all pre-cut, you just need to peel away from the backing and adhere in place on any wall, window, or wherever!
    • all of the colours & patterns originate from thrifted materials that have been reproduced
    • made with love in small runs, they're an adhesive fabric material with a matte finish and a slight texture
    • they'll stick and re-stick on any flat surface including painted walls, wallpaper, glass and wood. They can even bend around corners, and can be back-lit; these are striking on glass windows.
    • they won't damage surfaces when they're removed and kept dust & fluff-free they'll retain their stickiness
    • they're a very robust material; if they happen to fold over on themselves when being repositioned, they'll unfold again without ripping or wrinkling. 
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