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Restickable Drawer Organisers
A set of restickable fabric clothes for use on drawers or closet.Help the kids (And others) to find (and put away!) clothes themselves with these fun, whimsical outfits.Fully removeable and repositionable - change them around when you need, and your Dress Up Kid can wear any spare items. INCLUDES 16 pre-cut clothing stickers:PJ Top, PJ Bottom, undies, pair of socks, singlet/vest, shorts, trousers, t-shirt, long sleeve top, shirt, woolly jumper/hoodie, togs/boardshorts, hat, dress-up mask, and an odd sock!ALSO INCLUDES Dress Up Kid doll stickers! Doll, hair bun (off for boy, on for girl!), and 2 banners - give him/her a name and write it on! Or can be used for labeling extra drawers.Suitable for use on any clean, flat interior surface. Peel away stickers from backings and position on drawers. All pieces can be removed and rearranged, keep them clean to retain their stickiness (just like your clothes, don't leave them on the floor!)Dress Up Kids are also available separately.

Drawer Organisers, Bright & Bold [R]

$39.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
  • About tinch restickables: Designed to be displayed in various arrangements; sort of like visual story telling The colours & patterns originate from thrifted materials and items otherwise destined for landfill; mainly fabric offcuts and vintage wallpapers, reproduced and printed onto a special restickable fabric material. Made with love in small runs, they're an adhesive fabric material with a matte finish and a slight texture They'll stick and re-stick on any flat surface including painted walls, wallpaper, glass and wood. Keep them dust and fluff-free so they'll retain their stickiness. The shapes are all pre-cut, just peel and stick! * Please note: product colours may vary slightly from on-screen displays * Pick and choose sets from the range to create your ideal wallscape.
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