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A distinctly tinch-style whimsical magnetic interpretation of our Native fantail bird - at long last after many requests for something 'kiwiana'....
Each little fantail birdie comes as 6 magnets:
1 fantail birdie
5 hearts to form the birdie's fan-tail
Measures approx 180mm wide

Lovingly handmade to upcycle selected materials:
They're materials that you once might have seen in your grandparent's home, or may still be spotted in the odd kiwi bach. They've been salvaged from the imminent fate of ending up at various New Zealand landfills. Transformed through context, their colours, textures and patterns are designed to be celebrated in New Zealand homes once again, in a sort of nostalgic, (almost kitsch) subtle way.

It's beautiful and functional - use the magnetic pieces to hold reminders, shopping lists, photos, recipes, or just enjoy it as it is as unique fridge-art.

Fantail (piwakawaka) [M]

  • *this is for a single fantail birdie magnet, see other listings for a fantail on a branch* Tactile and textured, they're guaranteed to be well admired. Strictly limited edition due to the fact they're made of the last traces of various textiles. Each birdies is unique - as you would expect nuances of colour and markings in every little fantail you meet around the country.
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