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The coolest personalised name set around - writing on the walls that's totally allowed! There's something so beautiful about children's handwriting; it's so evocative of their learning and stages in their lives. It's uninhibited, innocent and raw, and it's somehow universal. Children's handwriting is unmistakably sweet.


We think it's the perfect aesthetic for spelling names on walls. It totally looks like it's drawn directly on. The letterforms are modelled from real children's handwriting - it's not a font.


These wall stickers are completely re-stickable, and re-useable over and again, leaving no marks on the walls.


Order any word or name of your choice, up to 10 letters. If your name is longer, please contact. For siblings or extra names, please purchase separately.

Each name will come with a full-stop, because then it looks even more important.


Letters are all black or white, you choose, go for BLACK to contrast with graphic impact (like a big bold vivid marker!) against lighter walls, and uber cool with monochrome styling, or choose white if you have deep moody dark walls. These make a beautiful gift for all the family; spell all the childrens' names on their bedroom doors or walls. Comes in a small pack, each letter has it's own backing piece - just peel away and pop it on the wall - change it around as often as you like. Easy!

Handwritten name or word [R]

Choose letter colour
  • Suitable for any non-porous, clean interior surface; painted walls, doors, furniture, whitewear, whiteboards, mirrors, windows...
    Made from a special self-adhesive fabric-like material, with a matte finish and textured weave. Just snip any stubborn threads when you peel the letters from the backing sheet for the first time. 


    Letter heights vary - between 12cm largest uppercase, to 3cm smallest lowercase. 

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