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A striking mixture of numeral magnets from 1-10:

- a handmade take on the classic plastic alphabet/number magnets, only bigger, brighter, made with love and generally cooler

- rearrange them to count forwards or backwards, allocate points to family members for doing their chores (!?), use them to hold photos as reminders of the children at certain ages... the possibilities are endless! A great birthday gift for any age!

- these upcycle a variety of bright textile offcuts (mainly fabrics and vintage wallpapers) - no two sets will be exactly the same, but each will be just as fab! The set pictured is just a sample, so yours will be a 'pot luck' if you will!

- each number measures approx 60mm tall (about 2 1/2 inches)

- the magnets are only about 0.5mm thick! These are designed to ship flat internationally as a letter, an ideal gift for overseas rellies

Number Magnets 1-10 [M]

$34.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price
  • - for any magnetic surface. The fridge is an obvious place, but there's loads of other magnetic surfaces around the home and office. Or even paint a magnetic board/wall:
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