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A really handy fixture in the office, classroom, kitchen or living area - magnetic picture frames for photos, drawings, notices and documents, just choose your size! Price is per frame. These look great in installations of 3 or more! A top way to frame the latest kid's drawing, cool internet printable, certificate, newsletter or other important document... Choose SIZE, SHAPE, and COLOUR. Patterned prints are available also, type colour & pattern preferences in box provided. SIZE OPTIONS: 6x4" for standard photo prints 5x7" for larger photo prints A4 for A4 sized documents


SHAPE OPTIONS: A - ornate portrait orientation frame, with oval centre B - rectangular frame, portrait or landscape orientation, rounded corners and oval centre C - ornate frame for portrait or landscape orientation, rectangular centre D - circular frame with scalloped edge, circular centre E - ornate frame for portrait or landscape orientation, oval centre

Picture Frame *choose size* [M]

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