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New design for summer festive season 2020 by Tinch!

Inspired by the bountiful colours of the NZ summer festive season; summer fruits in season -local strawberries, juicy cherries, citris accents in festive drinks and the garden in full bloom at the height of summer. 


This is like a puzzle for the wall; pour yourself a festive drink and take the time to enjoy assembling a tree-shape, or a wreath shape, or something else with the cheerful pieces.


These can go on walls or windows. 

See the photos to demonstrate when on windows, the colours appear from the interior side, and the exterior side shows their festive shapes in white. The light will shine through to create intricate shadows inside!

They're restickable so you can change your installations every year - or keep it up year-round even!


This is a print reproduction of original handmade fabric pieces; handcut from carefully coordinated textiles in reds, greens, and citrus colours; lemon, lime & orange.


The set is designed and prouduced as a large sheet with all the seperate pieces to peel and stick. The citrus pieces can be more intricate to stick in place so they come with transfers to hold them together nicely while you peel and stick.


Strictly limited edition.

A supersized version of this design can be seen at New World Waitaki, North Thames Highway, Oamaru over the summer season 2020.

Restickable Festive Wallscape [R]

  • About Tinch restickables:

    • Removeable and restickable instant self-adhesive art!
    • Peel and stick on non-porous interior surfaces; painted walls, doors, mirrors, furniture, non-pourous textured wallpaper is fine too.
    • Made with an adhesive fabric-like material with a matte finish and a slight texture
    • Kept clean & dust-free, technically they'll never loose their stick.
    • They won't damage surfaces when they're removed
    • Please note colours on your screen may appear slightly differently to the actual product.
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