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Tui in the Flax
A distinctly New Zealand-ish whimsical magnetic set by tinch - another 'native & kiwiana' option following our top-selling Fantail & Kereru designs!

A set of 5 handmade magnetic pieces, to form a sweet scene of a Tui bird perched on a Flax Flower:
1 Tui bird, 2 pieces of flax leaves (harakeke), and 2 pieces of flax flower.

Lovingly handmade to upcycle selected materials:
An eclectic and perhaps unlikely selection of vintage and new fabric offcuts. Transformed through context, their colours, textures and patterns are made beautiful again.
Each edition will vary a little as the offcuts get used up, but each will be just as lovely as the last.

Arrange the scene however you like - this is designed to be enjoyed as interactive art. It's beautiful and functional - use the magnetic pieces to hold reminders, shopping lists, photos, recipes, or just enjoy it as it is as unique fridge-art.
Also available as a larger flax bush, with 2 Tui birds, for a larger interactive installation.

Designed for use on any magnetic surface, it fits a fridge beautifully, or you may like to paint a magnetic board or wall especially to display and interact with it.

Tui & Flax [M]

  • This is a thoughtful gift for any occasion - house warmings, birthdays, and especially for the homesick kiwi abroad. Designed to be posted flat like a letter internationally, think of your expat friends and family! Note: No two Tui will ever be the same! Each is unique - as you would expect subtle nuances of colour and markings in every Tui bird you meet around the country. From Department of Conservation website, retrieved 6 Feb 2013: "The kererū is a large bird with irridescent green and bronze feathers on its head and a smart white vest. The noisy beat of its wings is a distinctive sound in our forests...."
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