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Maternity leave.

So, heres the thing.

We're expecting our 3rd baby soon!

This will quite drastically affect the busy season for us, and will need to close for orders mid-late October, until sometime in the New Year.

Maternity Leave -

For those new to Tinch, this is a very small family-run business, where I (Helen) designs, and produces everything -- down to the packaging.. It's a labour of love, and has helped support our family for 6 years now, (which we're extremely proud of!) The business is based between Dunedin and Oamaru - where our new home is. It's the incredible feedback and support from our lovely loyal customers, and the inspiration drawn from our growing family that drives the range, so it's fundamentally important to us that we can sustain this little business through maternity leave.

I'm working overtime at the moment to try to get ahead! Early September our annual Christmas pre-order deal will be available again - it's an opportunity to sort your pressie list really early, guarantee worldwide delivery, and get a decent discount! Please join the mailing list if you want to be invited to the order form

We hope to stock up some new retailers around NZ in advance, if you have a favourite local store that you'd love to see Tinch at, please let me know? And if any of our stockists are reading, pretty please order for Xmas ASAP! In Dunedin, GUILD will have a steady supply of the Tinch range to last the Christmas season.

It's going to be different this year, not rushing out beautifully wrapped gifts throughout November & December, so apologies for the inconvenince, and really hope we have your support in ordering extra early this year! We can keep in touch on Instagram, I use that more than FB recently @TinchDesign

This image: I caught a glimpse of my shadow as I walked downstairs in our new home recently... the handwriting is our 7 year old daughter's - who helped to create our interactive ABCs wall sticker set. She's super proud. Helen xxx

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