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Back in business!

Hello work!

Just like that, maternity leave has flashed by, it's a whole new year, and we have a bonny 4 month old baby boy in our family! We're doing it; the 4 kids/family of 6/work juggle thing!

It's time to ease back into work, so the online shop is being restocked and the studio space is going to open for visitors again very soon, with an exciting new twist (but that's for another update)..... Also, I'd love to work on some new collaborations this year so please get in touch if you have a project in mind!

Creative services include:

- Customised design & production for magnetic or restickable gifts / signage / wall art

- Social media management & support

- Brand development, design & management for creative businesses

- Product styling & photography

- Small business consultation

Perhaps little known, for the past 4 years I have been curator & coordinator for Guild (a collective design store in Dunedin). I have loved this role, alongside running Tinch for 10 years.

In this time I've learned so much working with fellow NZ creatives, but also the dynamic nature of retail, small business and the real life creative/commercial struggle that can reign in our industry.

There's a lot more to my creative work than the range of magnets and stickers (!) so this year I hope to share more of what I do.....

If you'd like to work together, please get in touch!

If you're looking to buy something in particular, or have something designed or made especially - please also get in touch!

Helen x

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