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Hello 2018!

Happy New Year! We are into our 8th year of business, how awesome! A few minor changes to our services;

  • We'll be producing designs in batches and updating the website with stock availability more regularly. In the past, everything was made to order. Hopefully this will speed up turnaround time for online orders!

  • Made to order services are still available - please contact if you'd like to order something that isn't available online. Custom design commissions are also welcome.

  • Turnaround time can get slow during School holidays - apologies for this, but please always contact if you need an order to arrive by a set date. Family first and all that!

  • Some designs will be retired this year to make way for fresh new ideas and products...

  • The home studio in Oamaru will be open by appointment throughout the year - this was lots of fun last year. You can either place an order online and select to collect from Oamaru - or contact directly to shop from the studio stock!

  • Follow on Instagram for news updates & occasional special offers

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries at all!

Cheers, Helen x

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