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Restickable everydates make great photo props!

We've been using our restickable EveryDates & EveryDays decal sets as props in our baby boy's milestone photos this year.

They're so easy to whip out, stick up, rearrange, and then change again for next month.

They're not just for spelling out the day & date, you can spell all sorts of messages with these, we even used them on Fathers Day!

Instagram - A perfect milestone shot!
Adore my chubby, cheeky, moving bubby, 9 m
Instagram - How did this happen!!?
Happy Half Birthday my happy little man! Mwah
Instagram - Today!!
#tinchdesign #restickablewallscape #everydates
white c
Instagram - Enjoying last nights late night efforts in baby's room; new pegboard
Instagram - Another use for my #tinchdesign every dates stickers, hehe!
Baby fin

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