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I am baaaaaack!

Happy New Year (is it too late to say that!?)

We've had a fab Dunedin summer, a refreshing break, I'm full of new ideas and aspirations for 2015, so it's time to reopen for business!

  • The wallscape range will change a little this year. Some older designs will be retired, we'll keep producing the popular ones, and introduce some newbies!

  • Custom orders for restickables and magnetics are always welcome

  • Special requests for magnetic sets for School Teachers' whiteboards are also welcome

  • Bulk orders are welcome; heart magnets make beautiful wedding favours, and many of the magnetic range make unique, customisable business to business gifts

  • We'll look to supply a few new stockists this year around the country, and possibly overseas

  • I am offering design services to small businesses (something I've always done, but not publicly promoted)

  • I'll be based in-store at Guild once a week for the duration of 2015, no more hiding away in my private studio!

If you have any enquiries at all, please just get in touch!



In exciting local news, tinch is part of a society of local Dunedin designers, and we've opened the doors to our beautiful shared retail space in the centre of town, just this week.

This means for Dunedin tinch customers, you can collect your online purchases in-store (save on shipping!), and have the opportunity to meet in person which is lovely for liaising about custom orders.

The store is filled with a stunning array of locally designed wares including fashion, perfume, jewellery, cosmetics and homewares. It will evolve a lot from month to month with new contributors, so do pop in regularly and spread the word!

GUILD | 45 Moray Place, Dunedin

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