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Helen and baby Sylvie | Feb 2017

Just a quick post - to say the website is back up and functioning for online orders!

Today is my first official day 'back at work' after 18 weeks maternity leave.

Tinch is my small, home-based design business; it's our 2nd baby in order of birth date, but by emotional hierarchy, it's really number 4. I'm now a Mum to 3 super cool kids, and I'm incredibly fortunate and proud to be self employed, into my 7th year of business, with the ability to work from home; juggling my creative endeavours with 8 year old girl, 3 year old boy, and a new baby girl. (More of the Tinch Story story is here). Although my home studio is based in picturesque North Otago town of Oamaru, I frequently work from Dunedin City where I also help to manage and curate the running of Guild.

Needless to say, things are busy (and I love it)!

In the next month or so, as I re-adjust back into working-life-after-leave, I hope I'm able to upkeep my usual standards of helpful and timely service for our online orders and queries. The website just has some products available at the moment, not everything yet, and I do hope to introduce some fresh new designs as things settle... If you need an answer or an order fast, please get in touch! I'll do my best not to drop anything I'm juggling! We'll properly celebrate re-opening with a bit of a sale soon, so keep an eye out.

This year I'll try to open up a bit more about the behind the scenes of work-from-home life on Instagram, if you're interested follow me here @tinchDesign.

Thanks so much to our long term supporters who all help to make this family business tick; suppliers, stockists, customers, friends and family - it's very much a community thing; self employment while parenting!

Helen & co. x

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